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With a Passion for

Dog Training

Thomas Lever Head trainer is a

National Level Competitor in the dog sport IPO, Schutzhund. A three phase sport; tracking, obedience and protection. Thomas's current dog JEDI is a 6 x IPO3 titled K9.

Jedi and I just won 2nd place at the 2015 Southeast Regional Championship. Trailed yet again and secured our qualifying score earning us the right to compete at this years 2015 Nationals this Nov. in Kentucky.

A PASSION FOR DOGS, 50 years ago Thomas was born in Chapel Hill NC, into a family that owned and loved all types of animals. Because his father breed and trained dogs, Thomas naturally gravitated to the puppies, where his love for K9s was born. Self taught as a child, it wasn't long until Thomas started his formalized dog training education. By researching the best in the field, he began to study the publications in formal dog training. That's where his interest in Behavioral Science took off. Thomas followed his interest into college and studied at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he earned his degree in the field of Psycology on Dec 16th 1999. Over the years, Thomas has attended numerous lectures and seminars by many of the leaders in the field of Dog Training. Thomas also has been active in the dog sport of Schutzhund for many years. Schutzhund is a three phase world wide dog sport, consisting of Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. Not only has Thomas been a training competitor in Schutzhund, he also has been a Training Helper as well as a certified Helper/Decoy, working with young dogs to adults in training the protection phase of Schutzhund.

 Thomas has put into pratice his lifetime of education ,experiences and insights into dog behavior and training and customized his own style of training dogs. He starts off by gaining your dog's trust. After trust has been established, the dog will follow a fair and confident leader, which Pack Animals refer to as the Alpha. Thomas teaches the dog by leading the dog in what seems to be a "game" in the dogs eyes. It's called "Behaviorial Shaping". In a stress free setting Thomas uses Clicker training, where by he marks a desired behavior with a "click". At the very moment the dog offers that behavior, they are rewarded with interaction with the handler, by way of giving of a treat or by playing with toy, as well as lots of touch and verbal praise. Dogs learn by assiocation and repetition. Habits form if done in a timely, consistant manner over time with fair, clear communication. Having Thomas train your dog is an investment that will payoff every day, over the life time of your dog. A well trained obedient dog makes for a happy dog and a happy owner. Trained, obedient Dogs are man's best friend. Let's get started, call Thomas Lever at

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