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We have AKC German Shepherd PUPPIES, Parents both OFA certified for hips and elbows, Your puppy can go home first week of May 2016. 704-821-4682

May I ask you a couple questions?

1. Does your dog only do, what they have in mind?

2. Would it thrill you if you puppy actually listened?

3. Is your dog jumping on everyone?

4. Would you like to go for a walk, instead of a Drag?

5. Does your dogs chew on you, more than their toys?

6. Would "SPAZ" describe your puppy? Frustrated?

7. Want to change all that and start enjoying your dog?

Call us and tell us about your dog

 National Level Competitor/Trainer

 All Breeds, Puppies to Adults 

Problem behaviors... we can help ;-)

Get more bang for your buck


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We are your Training Coach

for building bonds of trust and respect

between you and

your K9 companion, so

they're Happy to Listen and Obey you!

Watch your dog during their training. We

send you lots of still photos of your dog's training. Plus, send you video of your dog's training sessions, it's like you are with your dog every step of the way.

Free follow up sessions and

lifetime free advise we are always here for you.

Pictures/Videos are

worth a thousand


Please allow 1 min. for videos to load ;-)

Teaching Body Mechanics

Food lure, teach body mechanics.


April 15th 20014. 3 day of obedience training, working on holding positions, with distractions. Building body mechanics/ muscle memory for when we start the healing. Maddie has pretty good food drive, and decent prey d...

Izzy's 7th day at Levers K9 Obedience TrainingJanuary 3, 2014

Crate, Place, sit, down, come and holding positions

LEVERS K9 OBEDIENCE Training January 27, 2014

Sasha working off leash, two week program.

Tanner's Obedience

From a dog that wouldn't lissen to an obedient companion

Jedi. Obedience

Jedi is training for competition in the sport of Schutzhund. Including three phases; 1. Tracking 2. Obedience 3. Protection

Finn's Obedience training

Finn is having a blast and we are making progress. We've work on his jumping issue, his healing correctly and command/s duration/s


Apache doing a tight session in obedience

Zena socializing while she's looking for a new home

Zena had no obedience when we fostered her. She was with us for three weeks before we re- homed her. Here Zena is showing off her socializing skills with the little dogs. Zena did super, she did outs...

Caleb Obedience drill

Caleb in garage for drills

Savannah and her Joy

Savannah taking Joy thru a short obedience session. Savannah has done all the work with her GSD,Joy. Here Savannah heals Joy, sits, downs and finishes off with a very nice recall to the front position

Kodi short Obedience session

Kodi just turned 6 Jan 06 2012. Kodi has a tight little session in obedience.

Lever's German Shepherds 01-15-2010 k9 Kodiak's obedience 019.MOV

Kodiak having fun during obedience training with ball

Lever's German Shepherds 01-15-2010 k9 Apache's obedience 022.MOV

Watch our 10 month old Champion bloodline Sable German Shepherd run through her Obedience training. She is looking pretty sharp. She is training to be a working Schutzhund dog (Protection, Tracking, a...

Max training with his Dad

Caleb is lending a paw helping train Max. Max is Caleb's son, he is 9 months and 95lbs and is still all puppy. He's has learned his on lead and off lead obedience. The only thing we are still working...

Start training the day you get your puppy home.

8 week old Sheldon is learning his; come, sit and down commands.

Max's Basic Obedience training.

Max being trained in his basic obedience. Here Savannah is teaching Max to Come, Sit, Down. Max is 9months and 95lbs. Proir to his training, he was very difficult to heal, Sit only when he felt like...

Jedi on a send out

after a send out just a little fun with his kong.

German Shepherd Jail Break

Cougar 11 week old Sable coated GSD working lines. Climbs out ofhis pen, then uses the sofa to make it down

Sable wouldn't obey her commands and would run away

proofing sable under distractions. Sable absolutly was a ball of uncontroable energy. Sable couldn't settle, we work a lot of teaching her how to relax and be at ease in high traffic areas. We made a lot of trips to the local park where Sable proved herself around lots of screaming playing children as well as lots of other dogs. Read our testimonies to see the letter of recommendation Brandon her owner wrote for us.

Our Dogs just being dogs

Over 10,000 views on YOUTUBE. Beautiful photos of German Shepherds

Tanner. Holding his Down/Stay

Training Tanner for his duration for his down/stay under distraction moving towards proofing him in as many different enviorments/settings as possible. Tanner is doing great. He's done great at high traffic local park. He's also has made new friends

Tanner settling under heavy distraction

Tanner couldn't hold a down for any duration, he'd bounce up and take off. He was mouthy if he didn't get his way. Tanner did outstanding in his training. Now he is egar to lissen and obey. He will not beak his stay unless commanded. He's a super companion.

Sailor and Finn from Zero Obedience to off leash in 10 days. July 31, 2013

Sailor and Finn would only sit occasionally for a food reward, but could not hold the position at all. Other than that they both did what they wanted when they wanted to. We worked on social skill, fr...

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